Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Music Discovery Days: SONSOFDAY

Growing up in a small town in central Wyoming didn't often allow me to be deeply imbedded in the "music scene." My home congregation, however, believed that music and activity for the youth was of utmost importance. To act out on that belief, the Church (even with a VERY modest budget) decided to bring in all of the music acts that it could. Awesomely enough (go figure), it met with great success!

Today's MDD post highlights one of the bands that was gracious enough to come play for us. They are making quite a name for themselves on both the Christian rock circuit and the Portland-Seattle-Vancouver circuit as well. They have played the main stages at both Creationfests, Hills Alive, and other major Christian music events.

Originally started by four brothers of recent Ukrainian descent, SONSOFDAY now consists of three of the Belonozhko brothers (Roman, Vlad, and Scotty). Their first album, "Fragile People" consists of both very original works and professional sound quality that is rare on most debut albums. (I myself have played some of the tunes off of this album for both pleasure and worship.) Their second album, "Autumn Heart" is reflective and powerful, from the masterful cover of The Impressions' "People Get Ready," to the heavily rocking "Revolution," and the tasteful tribute to the work and love of their own father in "King of the Parking Lot." I leave you all with the one of the many deeply moving tunes by three musicians that I greatly admire and am glad to know personally, SONSOFDAY.

(For more on SONSOFDAY, concert dates, merch, and general goings-on, click Here)

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