Monday, July 25, 2011

A word aboot Canada

New twist on an old classic!
I spent the last week in northern Saskatchewan. Minus the outrageous gas prices (123 cents per litre!?! How dare they? I only pay 87 cents per litre in 'Merica!), Canada was a choice locale to get away from all of the confounding difficulties in life. Golden fields of canola litter the hills in all directions, churning in the wind as a bright yellow sea would churn with the tides. Trees grow so close together that one may ponder, "How in the eff do bears move around up here... eh!?!"

All kidding aside, the time away from technology, news, and the world was healthy. Spending time with family helped ease some of my pent up social needs. The dozens of northern pike and walleye on the end of my line allowed me to just enjoy being in Creation, with simplicity bringing joy and contentment.

I suggest getting away from it all from time to time. If you aren't outdoorsy, just shut off your cell phone and laptop for a few days. Either way, a good book and some self-reflection will bring you ever closer to realizing who you are.

See ya, Guy

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