Sunday, November 21, 2010

3rd on the list, but it's THERE!

Tabloids make me chuckle sometimes. Health rags. Ridiculous news. Time Magazine and their usual mind-blowing covers. Peering at these in line at any local store lets my mind wander from the sometimes arduous imprisonment that is ONE register being open in a store with 24 REGISTERS!

I saw a health magazine tonight at the local Wal-Mart. I don't know how these ever catch my eye, as their covers are always the same. Diets, exercising tips, and individuals complaining about the fact that they are, in fact, larger than most modeling agencies' target clientele. But sometimes even my overly judgmental eye can tune in to the small print.

To quote this anomaly of all that is tabloid: "Become skinnier, sexier, and saner." Wait , wait, wait... Saner? Are my eyes deceiving me, or does this magazine care about something that is actually relevant to more than just physical appearance!?! Maybe some hope in tabloidism has implanted itself in my brain. That or I'm insane and need to give it a good read...

Probably insane,


  1. I'm assuming this statement was aimed at women... is that safe?

    If it is so, then I think you're missing the message. Skinny and sexy = sane. Chubby and dowdy = insane.

    I think it's a "culture of female vanity and perfect bodies" statement.

  2. Let me clarify. I'm not meaning that women who are chubby and dowdy are insane. I mean that they will inevitably feel insane when they are given messages like "become skinnier, sexier, and saner." Those three go hand-in-hand, so good luck feeling or being considered sane if you aren't skinny and sexy. Yeah?