Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Everybody needs love"

That is an illogically large hamburger

I witnessed an encouraging story tonight in small town Wyoming. I pray that this touches you as it touched me...

"It is a rare occasion in a small town for a large group of young folks to gather. The local coffee shop doubles as a local bar, and the aroma of the grease on the fryer makes the stomach yearn from miles away. Tonight was one of those nights where the young adults gathered from all walks of life to reminisce and catch up. Some returned from college. Others were relaxing by grace of military leave. Still others worked their hands to the bone day after day in the oil fields. Amongst these people, however, a string of memories remained.

In the other corner of the parlor was a Student and his Mentor. As the Student argued for his beliefs towards the world, the Mentor listened. When the Student was angry at a lack of sense, the Mentor listened. While the Student judged and criticized others, the Mentor continued to listen. In this continued listening and gentle rebuke, the Mentor showed his wisdom and further touched the life of the Student. It is in this open and loving ear that the Student was reminded of the love for others.

At the large assembly of old friends was much coffee and food. So much, in fact, that the tickets were muddled and jumbled and confused between the Waitress and her customers. As the congregation of acquaintances vacated the restaurant, the frustrated Waitress angrily singled out one for not paying for his food, and a heated argument was to be had between the Waitress and the Accused.

The Student at the other table could not help but overhear the conflict, as it was then brought to his table through mutual association the Student shared with the Accused. The Student cared very much for the Accused and the Waitress both. The Student decided that because the Mentor had loved him, he would love the Two. The Student took his own money and cancelled the debt of the Accused. The Waitress, who was very distressed through the quarrel, continued to be angry and continued shouting down the Accused.

After the Waitress had left, the Accused tried to repay the Student. The Student, however, had a different idea. This contagious love that the Mentor had shown the Student manifested itself in the care the Accused shared with the Student. The money instead became a large tip for the Waitress. And scribbled on that tip was this note... 'Remember, everybody needs love.'"

The love of one beautiful act, be it as simple as listening to another, is contagious. I pray that each of you learn, day by day, to love all you encounter. Everybody needs love.

With a tear in my eye,

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