Thursday, January 6, 2011

The bullet train to maturity

Good thing they aren't European...
You'd need a whole new cord
Over the past couple of days, this site has started to bustle with activity. The last post, my own inquiries into transgenderism, was broadcast to a much larger audience than any section of the blog thus far. Both positive reviews and negative critiques were left in the comments, and when the subject of the very entry I wrote was kind enough to leave her own sentiments, I was flabbergasted (another huge thank you to Robyn, the inspiration behind the most difficult post I have ever had to make).

Age is kind of an issue here, however. I'm still very young. Not even out of my teens, to tell you the truth. This brand new exposure to my own writings has been beyond exciting! There is a ridiculous giddiness to it entirely! Unfortunately, I do not know how to handle it. All of it is a new experience in the life of one who has had little time to even figure out who he is, let alone how he views the world.

I want to be a writer. Many obstacles stand in my way before I ever achieve a sense of professionalism. Grammatical error, inadequate literary knowledge, and lack of experience serve as the colossi that barricade me from the world of the professional writer. Of course there will be schooling and new stories that develop every day within life. I will get better... Maybe even decent!

Do not mistake this for me saying "Whoopie! I'm famous or something!" A few hundred views and a dozen comments does not make a star. And I'm really thankful for that. My ego is enough of a pain! If your head/hair was as large as mine, I think the sheer gravity of the two of us would suck the Earth out of orbit! The message I am trying to convey is that my exposure did grow, whether by leaps and bounds or by a few. There is a difficulty for me to process it all, and I am doing my best. Here are a few somethings coming in the near future that will (hopefully) bring me closer to maturity.

  • Less about me, more about life. How can you be drawn into relationship with life when this blog is all about me?
  • More interaction with the comments. What you have to say is far more important to me than what I have to say. Just please! Speak up!!!
  • A more interesting form of writing... Perhaps some stories! A blog is about you, the reader. If it were not, I would just write it all in my journal. Entries are made public because I believe you will enjoy them. If you do not, I am not doing my job.
Please forgive me for the selfishness I tend to adhere to in my writing. There is progress being made, I can assure you! Instead of a challenge today, I have a request. Send me your stories! Tell me what books you read! How do you click? If it is to be about more than me, I need help living new experiences... And I cannot do it alone! Know that you are all important to me, in a higher capacity than you know!

With far too many "I's"

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  1. Here's one for you... A young Christian otherkin struggling with coping with normal human life, instead of the life she longs for or feels like she left behind. Why would God create something seen as a demon posession in the eyes of man, but is something extraordinary instead? I've lived with this the past two years, and I really have no answers.